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Born in Jacksonville, FL

I often work in an unorthodox manner, which is why the subject of my work can shift from photorealism, to figurative, to abstract, or to an expression found in a sculpture. My art is about creating without limitations and letting my imagination take me to the next level as an artist.

The purpose of my work is to inspire and influence those who view it. Each piece blends the flexibility of the medium in a way that allows me to explore at every level when creating. All of my work draws on details, while relying on the impulsiveness of the moment that inspires each piece, regardless of the subject matter. 

​My influences include the artistry of modern masters such as Peter Max, Scott Jacobs, LeRoy  Neiman, Katherine Stone, Cedar Lee, Angela Hardy, Fateme Hamami, Kehinde Wiley, Eric Samuel Timm and many others.

My artwork can be found in FHM Clinics locally and within the homes and businesses of collectors in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the midwest.

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